UberEats Now Works With Restaurants That Have Their Own Delivery Drivers

Introducing a new way to deliver on your terms
Take advantage of an easy, flexible way to help you reach hungry new customers and market your business through Uber Eats: use your own delivery staff, either exclusively or in combination with our delivery partners. This can help you expand your reach and keep up with customer demand.
Get the best of both worlds
By using our platform with your own delivery staff, you can benefit from:
However you choose to deliver, you can reach new customers and market your business through Uber Eats and Uber. 
Control your restaurant’s delivery equipment, branding, and dropoff experience, as well as the customer’s delivery fee. Lower fees
Using your own delivery staff means you can have a lower marketplace fee of 15%, which can boost your bottom line.
Even if you use your own staff, you can still use Uber Eats delivery partners for trips outside your normal delivery area, or when your staff is too busy. The standard marketplace fee will apply.

Our restaurant partners exercise sole control over their delivery staff and must comply with all applicable laws (including, but not limited to, tax and employment laws).
Our restaurant partners are responsible for maintaining adequate insurance requirements and properly vetting their delivery staff.
Our restaurant partners and their delivery staff shall not contact any customers or use any customer information or personal data collected in the course of providing the delivery services for any reason other than for the purposes of fulfilling an individual order.
Restaurant partners will provide evidence of such precautions upon request by Uber.

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