New food delivery service to compete with Grubhub, drop prices

Starting in April, a new food delivery service that offers items from local vendors will be available in the Fort Collins area.

NoCo Nosh is a new service that hopes to compete with other for-profit models in the Fort Collins area, Jon Sewell, board chair of NoCo Nosh, wrote in an email to The Collegian.

…Large national chains continue to raise prices and do not represent a sustainable business model for smaller businesses that cannot afford to expand on their own, Sewell wrote.

“All of these models aim to charge about 30% for their services, offer substandard customer service and act as a third-party interface between restaurants and their customers,” Sewell wrote.

…NoCo Nosh is attempting to change the previously established for-profit model of delivery services into a “public utility,” Sewell wrote.

Local businesses will be able to offer delivery services without large commission prices from national chains, and customer service guidelines will be established and monitored by the individual restaurants.


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