Should your business use UberEats? All the pros, cons and costs explained

…As an accountant and business advisor, I can objectively say that it is likely that partnering with a delivery platform can be good for your restaurant business.

Assuming you can leverage the brand awareness, new distribution channels all while protecting and improving your margins, then it’s definitely a win for you.

But like every business decision, it’s important to understand the risks and rewards. Ensure you keep track of the total percentage of sales made via UberEats so you can understand the direct impact of it on your business’s profitability, and ensure that you are pricing accordingly.

As a user of UberEats, I’ll be honest and say that I feel a bit misled from a consumer perspective.

The price disclosed by UberEats only mentions the fixed delivery fee of $5. They don’t openly disclose that identical menu items can be more expensive via their platform.


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