Second lawsuit accuses Waitr of paying drivers less than minimum wage

  • Food delivery service Waitr has been slapped with a lawsuit from former and current drivers claiming the Louisiana-based company paid them below the federal minimum wage. This is the second such lawsuit filed against Waitr in less than two months, according to the Daily Advertiser
  • In the most recent lawsuit, a driver claims she received a net sum of about $1.97 an hour after deducting auto expenses. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Both lawsuits were filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act, meaning workers can team up under one lawsuit against their employer. 
  • In a statement, Waitr said its business is built on employing W-2 drivers, unlike other providers that use contractors. The company points out that it offers its drivers benefits and allows them to keep 100% of their tips. Waitr also claims that its compensation practices are in line with industry standards. 


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