Are delivery apps hurting Montreal restaurants?

…Some restaurant owners, like Jojo Flores of Filipino restaurant Junior and Hyun Woo Lee of Japanese restaurant Raku, say the online platform is good marketing, but they don’t see that translating into more in-person customers, who are much more profitable for restaurants.

“When they’re in the restaurant, they’ll order drinks, there’s a bar, maybe they’ll have dessert, coffee,” said Flores. “There are things that aren’t on the delivery menu that you’d be curious to try. At home, you’re watching TV and eating. You just want to get it over with and move on to something else.”

Lee says he’s had only three customers come to the restaurant after placing online orders since November, despite Raku being one of the Plateau’s top-selling Japanese restaurants on Uber Eats and about 90 per cent of his sales coming from delivery. “It’s not really worth it. We are just working hard for the delivery company,” he said.


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