Tillster Releases Latest Delivery Survey

In the past 12 months, more than half of the surveyed customers ordered online meal delivery, with another 50 percent saying they ordered delivery between one and five times each month. Perhaps most interestingly, half of consumers said they preferred ordering directly from a restaurant’s website or app. Only 6 percent of fast-casual and 3 percent of QSR customers said they wanted to order directly from a third party.

Diving deeper, 40 percent of delivery customers included said they ordered mostly from large chains, which is the same percentage that split their delivery selections between chains and smaller independent restaurants. Twenty percent indicated they ordered mostly from smaller independents. “While there is opportunity for all restaurants, there is definitely more awareness around larger chains,” the study read.

…On delivery fees, 85 percent said they were willing to pay up to just $5 in delivery fees, with 30 percent willing to pay more for orders to arrive faster.


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