Food delivery power will become harder to swallow

A local restaurant has two menus: one for instore diners and another for food ordered online and home delivered. The instore menu is cheaper than the takeaway one.

Remarkably, it costs less to eat at the restaurant and have a waiter serve you than to order online and have food couriered to your home. The owner quietly charges more for deliveries because Uber Eats takes about a third of the order value for meals its riders delivers.

…Consider what’s ahead. Investment bank UBS in 2018 estimated the global food-delivery sales market will grow from about $US35 billion to $US365 billion by 2030. If UBS is right, there will be a tenfold increase in the value of home-delivered food in a little over a decade.

UBS hypothesised that most meals currently cooked at home will instead be ordered online and delivered from restaurants or centralised, industrial kitchens by 2030. Imagine if millions of Australians had their meals delivered to their home.


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