The Future of Restaurant Payments Is Tied to Your Phone

When it comes to eating out, waiting for the bill is one part of the meal that often drags on the dining experience. When customers are ready to pay and leave, the faster that is facilitated, the better.

To solve the issue, several restaurant tech players are testing digital payment solutions to eradicate that waiting period.

QikServe, a U.K.-based company that focuses on self-serve solutions in hospitality, has been piloting a mobile payment program with two casual dining brands in the U.S. that allows diners to pay for their meal — and eventually order at the table — either through the brand’s own app or a web page that’s loaded by scanning a QR code at the table.

…Yumpingo, a restaurant tech startup based out of London, quantifies and analyzes consumer feedback about the restaurant experience using a digital device that is handed to diners alongside the bill at the end of the meal. It was a natural extension to add the ability to process payments through the device itself, according to Dan Dillon, Yumpingo’s vice president of US operations.

…Allset launched in 2015 as a business-to-business solution for companies like Lyft to let their employees order ahead at nearby restaurants for lunch and pre-pay for their meals before arriving at the restaurant. It has since pivoted to a business-to-consumer solution for restaurants to allow diners to order ahead and pre-pay (and pre-tip) for any meal to cut down on ordering and payment wait times.


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