By truck, van, or even walker, Homer Logistics is handling the final mile

Get the package there and get it there on time. A simply ask, but one that has become increasingly difficult in recent years as e-commerce has exploded and retailers and e-tailers fight for those dollars. More commerce companies are offering next day and even same-day delivery to lure customers. Moving goods under those conditions, though, requires a special expertise and the right partner.

In New York City now, and later this year in up to 5 additional “major markets,” Homer Logistics is hoping to be that partner. Started 3 ½ years ago by Adam Price, Homer specializes in same-day delivery for retailers and e-commerce companies. Price says the company is expanding to a West Coast market this summer and with plans to add additional markets before the year is out.

Homer’s specialty is actually not the delivery of the products, but the logistics and technology of getting the product from store to door.

…Originally started in the food and grocery space, Homer Logistics has now facilitated over 1 ½ million deliveries of various products. “When we originally started out in business, we owned and operated the courier side of the business,” Price says. “Being in the thick of that regulation though is not the right way to scale the business.”


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