Beware the ‘Tyranny of Legacy,’ Olo’s Founder Tells Restaurateurs

Food delivery is “not some cute fad” as some restaurant CEOs would suggest. “This is a fundamental shift,” declared Noah Glass, founder and CEO of Olo, speaking at the first Food On Demand Conference in Dallas today.

Olo, as many of its 95 million users know, provides digital ordering and on-demand interfaces for the restaurant industry, so he may be said to have a vested interest in his predictions.

…Glass recited data that predicts a $200 billion shift toward digital ordering in the coming years. “In an $800 billion industry this is an incredibly large shift. Twenty-five cents of every dollar is heading this way,” he says.

He warned against thinking like an old-timer. “Some restaurants are under the tyranny of legacy. QSR is an example,” he said, referring to quick-service restaurants.  “CEOs have come up for decades” and may be putting all their effort into creating a faster drive-thru, for example, rather than adding delivery options.


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