Olo launches Smart Cross-Sells to boost sales at restaurants

Restaurant technology company Olo has introduced Smart Cross-Sells, a feature designed to enhance guest engagement and increase average order value within restaurants.

The new feature supports restaurant brands by offering dynamic, personalised suggestions during the ordering and checkout process.

The new feature is one of several from Olo’s product suites including Order, Pay and Engage, aimed at helping restaurants boost orders and optimise operations.

Olo’s Smart Cross-Sells utilises AI to present intelligent order recommendations based on factors such as order history, menu options at the guest’s location, time of day and items currently in the cart.

The feature simplifies the digital ordering and checkout process by helping guests navigate extensive menus with ease.

In a recent test, Smart Cross-Sells contributed to a 10% increase in basket value on average compared to static cross-sells.

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Olo chief operating officer Jo Lambert said: “Olo is constantly innovating to create smart ways for restaurants to improve the guest experience, drive engagement and grow digital sales.

“The release of Smart Cross-Sells is yet another example of how we’re using data-driven technology to personalise and simplify the ordering experience and produce measurable returns for our customers.

“As a flexible platform leading the industry’s drive to 100% digital, we’re proud to develop solutions that truly align with the needs of our customers to help them win more guests, streamline operations and deliver unmatched hospitality.”

Olo has introduced further product enhancements this quarter, including Catering+ Production Sheets and Olo Pay.

Catering+ Production Sheets offers kitchens a detailed interface to calculate total ingredients and quantities, facilitating better planning for upcoming orders.

Olo Pay has also expanded its capabilities with the general availability of card-present transactions through self-service kiosks.

While currently available via Kiosk, Olo Pay plans to introduce card-present payments through point-of-sale (POS) systems during 2024.

In March 2024 Olo formed a partnership with POS company Qu to integrate its digital payment processing tool, Olo Pay, with Qu’s POS system.


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