Uber Eats users are deleting the app over company’s “horrible” customer service

It’s become easier than ever to have groceries, fast food, and just about anything delivered with the click of a button, but that comfort often comes at a big cost.

It’s no secret that it’s more expensive to use Uber’s services to have items delivered, but users are not happy with how the company is going about dealing with complaints, either for missing food or getting hit with larger bills than expected.

Across social media, users have been sharing what made them install the app, and a big reason why is how the company is going about responding to customers who have been wronged.

Customers uninstall Uber Eats over customer service

In a TikTok uploaded by fitness coach ‘coachedby_casey,’ she revealed that she had ordered a burger and poutine from Canadian chain, Harvey’s, only for her food to arrive without the burger.

After complaining, Uber refused to offer any sort of refund, even after she had threatened to cancel her Uber One membership.

“When did Uber Eats get so cheap?” she asked. “Seriously, this is horrible customer service.”

As she urged others to boycott the app, another TikToker, ‘johnfluenzer’ revealed that he had used a coupon to get 45% off a grocery order only to have a whopping $20 added to his bill.

Bizarrely, Uber support kept asking him to show a screenshot of the coupon, but it had already been deleted because he used it on the order. Uber then decided to mark the matter as “resolved” despite John not getting his money back – even after getting his partner to send him their coupon instead.

“I just deleted the app, canceled my Uber One membership. I will never use them again,” he said.

Users in the comments revealed they had similar experiences with getting refunds from Uber over the company’s mistakes.

“Literally the SAME THING happened to me. They refused to refund it,” one explained.

“I think they’re starting to use AI for customer service bcuz some of the resolutions make no sense,” another pondered.

This is hardly the first time Uber has faced backlash this month. Earlier in March, a driver was exposed for using a “fake identity” on the app.


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