Olo’s Brings Catering, Dynamic Pricing to its Restaurant Base

With the launch of its new Catering+ service designed to streamline bulk orders for enterprise-grade restaurants, Olo has become the latest restaurant tech player diving into the category. The new features are designed to simplify the ordering and payment process for operators and customers, while integrating with existing ordering platforms. 

The New York-based tech provider said Catering+ paired with flexible payment options can boost order frequency, sales and operational efficiency. In addition, brands now have the ability to create house accounts, which gives high-value guests the ability to place orders using an extended line of credit, rather than paying for each individual order. 

Olo also introduced automated dispute management for Olo Pay, additional capabilities for its Sentiment module, and dynamic pricing functionality allowing restaurants to adjust separate prices for direct delivery orders using Olo’s ordering API. 

Automated Dispute Response activates just before dispute deadlines, automatically addressing unresolved disputes and aiming to improve dispute response and win rates without any manual intervention. 

Its enhanced Sentiment module has been revamped to help operators encourage reviews, respond to feedback and deliver improved hospitality through a new user experience and more powerful reporting capabilities. This includes AI-driven responses to personalize and streamline replies across multiple reviews. 

“Catering is proving to be a key growth driver for the restaurant industry as people continue to return to office and embrace large gatherings. With Olo’s Catering+, brands can successfully tap into this opportunity to expand revenue beyond traditional dine-in and takeout services, streamlining operations, and improving the ordering experience for their most high-value guests,” said Jo Lambert, chief operating officer at Olo. “The launch of Catering+, along with several additional innovations announced this quarter, represents our ongoing commitment to helping brands meet their guests’ ever-evolving needs as well as our continued investment in building the restaurant of the future.”


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