An Update on Our Work to Build Trust on Our Platform

We deeply value the trust we’ve built with every member of the DoorDash community and the wider public. They expect us to know who is using our platform, who is entering their businesses, and who is delivering.

It is why we’ve put in place a robust, multi-layered identity verification and screening process to help ensure Dashers are who they say they are and help prevent bad actors from using our platform. Before someone can dash, they must verify their identity with a current, valid government ID via a two-step process and complete a background check, including criminal and motor vehicle history reports. Since 2014, we’ve completed background checks on more than 24 million people in the United States alone.

Identity Re-Verification

Today, we’re further strengthening our screening process with identity re-verification for Dashers in the United States. To help ensure that every Dasher on the road is who they say they are and prevent inauthentic accounts from being active on our platform, Dashers are required to re-verify their identity by providing a selfie that matches their government ID.

Here is how identity re-verification works:

  • Dashers will receive a request to re-verify their identity
  • Dashers must take a selfie that matches the picture on the ID they previously submitted
  • Our third-party vendor, Persona, will verify the Dasher’s identity


We use a number of signals to detect signs of potential account inauthenticity, which triggers requests for Dashers to re-verify their identity, including the number of devices used to log into a single account, whether key account details such as phone number or email address have been repeatedly changed, and if key account details are linked to previous accounts or applicants.

If a Dasher’s selfie matches their government identification, they’re instantly able to resume dashing. If their identity cannot be verified, the Dasher account will be suspended and they will no longer be allowed to dash. All Dashers will have the opportunity to appeal this decision, and every appeal is reviewed thoroughly and carefully before a final decision is made.

We recognize that no system – however thorough or sophisticated – is perfect. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to further strengthen our identity verification and screening processes, and to continue to promote trust and confidence in the DoorDash platform.


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