Orders.co Aims to Streamline Restaurant Online Ordering with AI-Website Builder, more

As the restaurant industry continues to look at AI for operational solutions, Orders.co is one of the latest companies offering a suite of tools to help businesses better manage and scale online ordering and delivery operations.

The ordering management platform is leveraging large language models to automate tedious, time-consuming processes, reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency for restaurant operations.

“Designed with the needs of independent restaurants, growing chains, and digital brand operators at the forefront, the new solutions promise to streamline operations and power efficient scale across platforms,” the company wrote in a statement.

Part of the tech stack release includes an AI-powered website builder. This enables restaurants to establish fully customized websites with ready-to-deploy menus and a virtual storefront, “in seconds”—according to the company.

Order.co debuts AI-powered website builder, enabling restaurants to establish fully customized websites “in seconds”—according to the company.

Once activated, the site can connect to a restaurant’s various integrated technologies and platforms to power their multi-channel ordering operations.

The company says restaurants can transition from concept to fully operational online in a few days, a process that can often take two to six weeks.

Additional new, AI-driven tools include personalized marketing and loyalty programs, an automated post-checkout system to drive reviews, and real-time updates and maintenance of business listing information across all connected platforms.

The company consolidates all delivery apps and order sources in a centralized dashboard, with an open platform supporting over 30 POS platforms and a breadth of national and local delivery apps, including Delivery.com, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, among others.

Michael VanMiddlesworh, co-owner and operator of two Lefty’s restaurants in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan, says the Orders.co platform has allowed him to operate both locations from a single point of control, with visibility into orders from multiple delivery apps all in one place.

“What sets Order.co apart is the real-time integration to our Clover POS system, ensuring that our menu photos synchronize instantly across all delivery platforms with any updates,” VanMiddlesworth said.

Furthermore, partnerships with platforms like Cartwheel also enable Orders.co to integrate in-house or outsourced delivery, with the ability to tap into the nation’s largest delivery fleets


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