DoorDash Hits Record for Non-Restaurant Orders

This past Mother’s Day was a notable milestone for DoorDash, as flower shipments helped the largest U.S.-based delivery provider set a record for the most non-restaurant orders within a single day.

A year after launching flower deliveries on the platform, DoorDash said it has delivered more than 1.2 million orders from flower shops to date. The company added that 64 percent of people who ordered from flower shops on DoorDash during Mother’s Day weekend placed their orders on the same day of the holiday, with mixed-color roses being the top-selling bouquet.

Diving deeper into the numbers, more than 30 percent of flower deliveries came from small businesses. Nationwide, small businesses account for 40 percent of the florists on the DoorDash platform.

As part of its annual Economic Impact Report, DoorDash said its users supported an estimated $78 billion in economic activity in the U.S., including all verticals, which resulted in $15.7 billion in tax revenues.

Specific to restaurants, 73 percent of DoorDash users surveyed said they used the platform to try new restaurants they would not have otherwise tried, with 77 percent going back to some or all of these restaurants.

“Our 2022 Economic Impact Report demonstrates the critical role DoorDash plays in the U.S. economy,” said DoorDash’s Head of Policy Research, Cheryl Young. “The metrics presented in this report are more than just numbers. They illustrate how DoorDash has allowed people like stay-at-home parents to earn money on their way home from dropping their kids off at school and people from all walks of life to get groceries or medicine delivered directly to their doors.


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