‘Nosh Haven’ Launches, Takes A Bite Out Of National Delivery Services

NEW HAVEN, CT —Nosh Haven celebrated its official launch as the only local and restaurant-owned food delivery service in the greater New Haven area.

Working with 40-plus locally owned restaurants and businesses, Nosh Haven introduced “ethical delivery,” offering restaurants and their guests lower rates and complete transparency across the board, the company said in a news release.

“Nosh Haven grew organically out of the grievances of local restaurant owners who were dissatisfied with the current delivery options, in fact many restaurants we had talked to were signed up for some of these national services without even giving their consent,” it was explained. “They weren’t turning a profit, and they weren’t getting good feedback from their customers about the delivery experience.”

The newly-launched delivery service is the “antidote to years of abuse from national third-party services,” the news release reads.

“We are entirely a product of the community with folks in East Haven, Branford, Hamden, North Haven, West Haven and New Haven proper being able to support their favorite local eateries directly.”

Let’s go!

It’s noted that Nosh Haven collaborates with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, local nonprofits and community organizations. It’s “engaging in hiring events for our restaurants and community.”

“For years, we have witnessed firsthand the stranglehold that massive tech companies have on small businesses here in New Haven and across Connecticut. Neighborhood coffee shops, mom & pop restaurants and liquor stores have been cornered into a delivery market which bleeds them dry. This was heightened throughout the pandemic as consumers stayed home and relied solely on delivery to support the small business community in town. We saw many eateries hire gig workers directly, hoping to circumvent the larger delivery companies.
Unfortunately, running your own delivery operation is often less cost-effective than conceding the 30% fee that most of the third party apps take with each order.
Nosh Haven was built to change this and give the power back to the local community that built it. We do this by creating true partnerships built on equality, efficiency and transparency. Our model allows the businesses to interact directly with the customer and facilitate their transactions in a positive way, regardless of whether they are eating in house or at home.
From a restaurant’s perspective, we are about half the price of Uber Eats with no fees and complete transparency. The restaurant controls the customer data, communication and transaction. Furthermore, we are owned and operated by many of the businesses we serve.
Because we are able to operate much more efficiently, delivery costs to the customer are either minimal or in many cases, free.
It’s beyond time that New Haven restaurants have a delivery option that will benefit them and locals have a reliable and inexpensive delivery service with customer satisfaction as it’s number one priority.”


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