DoorDash now lets you bundle food from one place and alcohol from another into a single order

DoorDash is introducing a new feature called “Drinks with DoubleDash” that lets you order food from one place and drinks from another all in a single order with no additional delivery fee or order minimum. The feature expands on DoorDash’s current DoubleDash offering that lets you shop across multiple stores and categories in a single order.

Now, once you’ve selected your meal from a restaurant, you can scroll to the bottom of the menu to browse alcohol options available from a nearby liquor, convenience or grocery store. You can then add the drinks you want to your cart and check out.

DoorDash alcohol deliveries

Image Credits: DoorDash

“As we continue on our mission to be the one-stop shop for all local commerce needs, we’re excited by the endless possibilities with DoubleDash to connect customers to new categories in a seamless way, while providing incremental growth opportunities for our local convenience, grocery, and liquor store merchants,” said Ben Damon, a product manager at DoorDash, in a statement.

The launch of the new offering comes a few months after DoorDash introduced dual ID verification for alcohol orders. The new measure requires the company’s delivery people to scan a customer’s ID with the DoorDash app to verify their identity before handing off and completing an alcohol delivery. Instead of simply presenting an ID to a delivery person, customers will need to have their ID scanned.

DoorDash says that since launching alcohol deliveries last year, it has more than doubled the number of alcohol stores on its platform, with 130% store growth in the category. The company’s decision to introduce alcohol deliveries was a move that allowed it to better compete with rivals that already offer alcohol delivery in markets where permitted, like Uber EatsGrubhubInstacart and others.


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