Bringg and Uber enter delivery experience partnership in France

Delivery management platform provider Bringg has partnered with Uber Direct, an on-demand white label delivery service from Uber, to improve the customer delivery experience in France.

The partners provide local enterprises with access to the courier network for last-mile deliveries, helping them offer convenient delivery options to their consumers.

The collaboration aims to allow Uber Direct France to expand its connectivity with more local enterprises in the country.

In addition, Uber merchants will have access to several other features, including delivery tracking and competitive pricing for delivery services.

Uber Eats France, Switzerland and Belgium general manager Bastien Pahus said: “Bringg and Uber Direct France working together will be a force to reckon with in the delivery and fulfilment industry.

“Leveraging Bringg’s market-leading innovation and customer-first outlook will strengthen and grow our market presence in the French market and emphasise the importance of last-mile delivery.

“Omni-channel merchants who are willing to offer a best-in-class local delivery option to their clients will be able to benefit from this partnership and existing technology integration to access our large courier network with limited development efforts.”

Bringg also expects to benefit from the partnership by providing greater flexibility and delivery capacity to the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

The company currently serves more than 800 customers worldwide.

Bringg CEO Guy Bloch said: “Online businesses are waking up to the fact that maximising efficiencies and lowering delivery costs are critical factors in the customer journey.

“Retailers must concentrate on delivering the best experience possible, even when the market is unpredictable and competition is fierce.

“Bringg and Uber Direct France can provide new delivery options to the French market to address these challenges today and in the future.”

Last month, Uber partnered with British co-operative group Co-op to launch a rapid delivery service for grocery products in the UK.


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