‘Don’t worry about status. Status doesn’t pay the bills’: DoorDash driver says he doesn’t accept orders under $10

‘It’s crazy that they know how expensive gas is and still send us $3 orders.’

A DoorDash driver has gone viral after revealing that he does not accept orders that pay under $10.

In a TikTok video with over 511,000 views, user @gigdoctor shows viewers his typical method of accepting orders. This involves waiting for orders over $10 and rejecting any that don’t meet that amount. The TikToker’s acceptance rate on DoorDash is 3% at the time of recording the video.

“When you consider how much gas costs these days, driving to the restaurant, having to wait for it and everything, it’s just not worth it unless you’re getting paid a little more,” he explains.

“Work smarter, not harder,” he writes in the video’s caption. “Don’t worry about status. Status doesn’t pay the bills.”

@gigdoctor also says he is not interested in becoming a “Top Dasher.” The Top Dasher program allows Dashers with high acceptance rates and other qualifications to perform DoorDash deliveries whenever they want, as opposed to following a schedule. However, @gigdoctor says he has no issues finding times to Dash, even with his low acceptance rate.

In the comments, some users supported the idea.

“It’s crazy that they know how expensive gas is and still send us $3 orders,” one user wrote.

“Nice! The whole community of drivers needs to be like this then it’ll start to change,” another added.

“We do the same bro. My AR is 1 percent lol!” a third claimed.

Nonetheless, others said that issues like these—i.e. having smaller orders be ignored by drivers—have dissuaded them from using food delivery services altogether.

“These services work great at motivating me to pick up the order myself. Especially with how much it costs,” a commenter offered.

“Paying 30 for a burger for a 45 min wait and cold food I’ll just get it myself,” a second shared.

“Both sides (drivers and customers) have a valid point. So I just stopped using food delivery services,” a further TikToker stated.


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