ChowNow founder on rethinking food delivery to serve local restaurants first

Welcome back to Found, the TechCrunch podcasts that get the stories behind the startups. This week we’re joined by Chris Webb from Chow Now.

ChowNow started as a way for founder and CEO, Chris Webb and his friends to easily order from smaller local restaurants but eight years later when COVID hit ChowNow became known as a restaurant-friendly alternative to some of the larger players in the space. They began ranking in the app store organically and getting a boost in users and customers. Chris talks with Darrell and Jordan about the ”fast and steady” approach to building a lasting company and how to seize a moment when growth occurs. They also get into:

  • Balancing having an app or product that puts promotion of their customers (in this case, the restaurants) rather than the app itself.
  • Learning from working at Leeman during their infamous bankruptcy and never wanting to get too far over his skis as a founder so that they will fail too quickly aka being “fast and steady.”
  • The difference Chris has found between Silicon Valley investors and those in New York and LA and why he prefers to get money outside of the Valley.
  • The beauty of companies that have to change to last and the feeling of starting a new company every day.


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