Soci, Olo joining forces to centralize local data management

Soci, a marketing platform for multi-location brands, and Olo, an on-demand commerce platform for the restaurant industry, have partnered to allow their customers to update name, address, phone number, hours of operation and other location information, including brand-determined menu links, through Olo’s pre-existing dashboard. The data will stream directly into the Soci platform and out to hundreds of top search directories and networks, including Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Yelp and more, as well as the restaurant’s local pages and restaurant locator, said Soci CEO Afif Khoury.

“Our partnership with Olo is another step in unifying an increasingly complex digital landscape in hospitality,” he said in a company press release. “As the guest journey and interaction model has continued to evolve, the restaurant technology stack has become more complex and fragmented. The resulting inefficiencies are most pronounced for multi-location restaurants, who are now trying to manage numerous systems across hundreds or thousands of locations. Soci is helping brands restructure and simplify their workflows by integrating the most critical platforms and allowing important data, information and customer experiences to be managed from a single source.”


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