Delivery drivers create new strategies to combat gas prices

BERLIN, Conn. (WFSB) – The average price of gas statewide has increased by 50 cents this week.

Today’s average is $4.48.

Delivery drivers are cutting corners because of rising prices, but they haven’t stopped delivering.

They’re creating new strategies to make sure they break even.

Nicole Miller is a grocery delivery driver. She said she’s basically working to put gas in the car. “It’s ridiculous.”

Miller is also a full-time grandma.

She enjoys her job, but lately because of gas prices, she’s had to consolidate her routes and cut costs.

“You have to work. You have to work. It’s like how much work can I do to maximize my gas mileage and my gas,” said Miller.

Many delivery drivers are in the same boat, with the average price of gas skyrocketing past $4.31 this week.

At Arrow Pharmacy in Hartford, about 70 percent of their prescriptions are delivered, with no charge.

Arrow Pharmacy Manager Dave Flaherty said, “it’s a way that we can really help out our customers if they can’t afford transportation.”

Flaherty says they don’t plan on charging for delivery anytime soon, but they’re trying to figure out ways to be more efficient.

“We’re trying to fill patient’s medication and sync them so they’re all due at the same time so we can send them out in one delivery whenever,” said Flaherty.

And at Lou and Mo’s Sandwich Shop in Berlin delivery is a big part of the business.

Co-owner Maureen Mulvey says they’ve been getting more delivery orders in the past month.

“I feel like people are commuting less or trying to commute less so they’re using delivery services, so they don’t have to drive,” said Mulvey.

Lou and Mo’s uses Greater Hartford menus, a local and restaurant owned delivery service.

The company has been rolling out an incentive program to offset fuel costs for drivers—such as offering gas gift cards.

Greater Hartford Menus Territory Operations Manager Lauren Ashe said, “without the drivers we wouldn’t be able to provide a service for these restaurants so we want to make sure we take care of them so that we can take care of the guests.”

Other companies, like Uber and Lyft, are using cashback programs to offset fuel costs for drivers.


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