Amazon Promises to Stop Taking Delivery Drivers’ Tips in DoorDash-Style Scheme

As we collectively await word from DoorDash that it’s finally made good on a promise to overhaul its tip-skimming operation, Amazon—which had a similar pay model in place for its Flex workers—has decided maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The Los Angeles Times first reported the news Thursday, citing an email circulated to the company’s couriers for its delivery services with Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market. The paper reported in February that Amazon was using customer tips to help supplement guaranteed minimum wages.

A company spokesperson confirmed to Gizmodo that it will no longer use customer tips to pad out ensured wages. A copy of the email sent to workers and shared with Gizmodo stated that Amazon’s minimum hourly contribution will be at least $15-$19, depending on the area.

“For deliveries that give customers the option to tip, you always receive 100% of the tips,” the company said in the email. “While earnings vary by region and block, with the change to Amazon’s minimum contribution, we expect nationwide average earnings for these blocks to increase to more than $27 per hour.”


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