Waitr announces partnership with New York-based Olo

Louisiana-based food ordering and delivery service Waitr announced this morning it will partner with Olo, a New York-based company that offers a similar service and works with restaurants nationwide. 

The move will allow the companies to fully integrate ordering and delivery through Olo Rails for its restaurant partners, according to the announcement. Orders placed by consumers on the Waitr and Bite Squad apps will soon flow directly into the POS system at the restaurant, creating a seamless experience for operators while increasing accessibility to new restaurant brands for Waitr.

“We are continuously looking for opportunities to enhance and improve the order fulfillment experience for our restaurant partners,” said Chris Meaux, founder and CEO of Waitr. “Teaming up with Olo allows us to increase operational efficiencies for these brands by streamlining orders and simplifying the delivery fulfillment experience, allowing for more efficiently timed and accurate orders. This direct connection into our partners’ order stream is delivering on our commitment to be the most valued partner for restaurants.”

The Olo Rails enables restaurants to receive, process and execute delivery orders placed through various delivery service providers. Rails allows restaurant operators to list menu items on participating third-party marketplaces and eliminates the labor needed to manage multiple ordering systems while ultimately increasing order accuracy, reaching new consumers and driving sales.

“By tapping into Olo Rails, our shared restaurant partners can now enjoy the benefits of delivery through Waitr and Bite Squad without the operational challenges that can happen when managing orders at the restaurant level with systems that are not properly integrated,” said Marty Hahnfeld, Olo’s chief customer officer. “We share Waitr’s passion for leveraging technology to make digital ordering and delivery accessible and simple, for both the restaurant and their guests, and are thrilled to add them as a partner as they continue on their impressive expansion path.”

Olo, an acronym for online ordering, offers digital ordering and delivery solutions to more than 70,000 restaurants. 


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