Former chef brings speedy food delivery service to San Luis Obispo County

Cosimo Allegretta has 25 years of experience in the kitchen. You could say that he knows the ins and outs of the food industry as he’s even managed bars in area.

But he was looking for something more, and he was ready to get out of the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with creating a menu or holding down a good team of cooks, bartenders, waiters, and everyone else who plays a large role in the dining experience.

That new venture came in the form of becoming a market owner of FoodJets and launching the service locally on May 1.

It’s similar to Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Postmates in the sense that they’re all food delivery services. What separates FoodJets from the rest is its focus on delivering food from local restaurants to your home or office.

…The Sacramento-based company has extensions of its services in California, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia. In San Luis Obispo County, Allegretta said the local food delivery service was called MealClub and the same owner ran MenuClub (printed pocket menus of local restaurants), but that owner wanted to focus on printing. So he passed on his accounts of restaurants that participated in MealClub to Allegretta and FoodJets.


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