Uber Eats has taken a supersized bite out of McDonald’s

Uber Eats is now available at a whopping 9,000 of the fast-food giant’s 14,000-plus U.S. locations, McDonald’s U.S. President Chris Kempczinski told Yahoo Finance. Kempczinki was speaking Tuesday evening during a media gathering inside McDonald’s swank new three-story flagship restaurant opening this week in New York City’s Times Square.

…Kempczinski — who joined McDonald’s in 2015 from Kraft Foods — said Uber Eats represents about 2% to 3% of McDonald’s U.S. business. But the average is deceiving Kempczinski said — in some locations, near college campuses, Uber Eats could represent 15% of sales as lazy carless kids order to their dorm rooms. At others, the Uber Eats influence is negligible as it’s quicker to just hit the drive-thru.


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