NYC Restaurants Accuse Grubhub of Charging Hundreds in Shady Phone Call Fees

Restaurateurs have long complained that food delivery platform Grubhub takes a huge, sometimes unfair cut from orders, but now, one owner is accusing the service of slyly charging even when orders are never placed, according to a recent lawsuit filed in Philadelphia. Several NYC restaurant owners also claim that the company, which also owns Seamless, has charged fees for customer phone calls when the calls didn’t result in orders, sometimes paying hundreds to the company, the Post reports.

…After hearing about the issue, the New York State Restaurant Association has reached out to its 1,000 members to alert them of possible false charges.

It’s not the first time that restaurant owners have complained about the company. Many say that the platform is unfriendly to the restaurants, saying that commission to the site rivals rent costs. Some restaurants pay as much as 30 percent commission to get better placement but feel they have no choice but to be on it.


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