As DoorDash Looks For More Money, A Quick Rewind Of its Fundraising Past

Rewind the tape a few years and on-demand startups were nowhere. As the market learned how expensive it was to build a delivery startup at scale, capital became scarce.

Back in 2016 being an on-demand startup was hardPostmates had to raise at a flat valuation, and DoorDash missed its target of becoming a unicorn by around $300 million. In the same year, on-demand food startup SpoonRocket shut down amidst what TechCrunch called the “on-demand apocalypse.”

…DoorDash is raising “at least $500 million” at a valuation of “about $13 billion” according to Bloomberg. The Wall Street Journal writes that DoorDash is looking for “between $650 million and $750 million” at a post-money valuation that “would approach $13 billion.” And finally, The Information first broke the news that DoorDash was looking to raise new capital at a valuation north of $10 billion.


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