Delivery Wars: the world’s top-10 food-ordering services and where they battle for territory

“What’s for dinner tonight?”

Whether that question comes on a commute home or after a failed attempt at a dinner for two, consumers around the world are turning to food delivery apps to get their grub more than ever.

At Thinknum, we track over 700,000 individual open listings for restaurants and other services provided by 10 different food delivery, courier, and/or logistics companies. We even mapped them and their respective territories.

2. Doordash ($DOORDASH)

When it comes to strictly dominating the delivery game in North America, DoorDash crushes its competition.

Across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, there are 193,711 places where consumers can DoorDash meals. It is, in all intents and purposes, the largest food delivery service by sheer number of restaurants offered.


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