Food delivery services: A look into reports of theft and tampering

SALT LAKE CITY — Uber Eats is unique because it branched out from the company’s rideshare service when it got in on the delivery craze in 2016. Now, Uber Technologies Inc. is valued at $72 billion and is also on CB Insights’ list of unicorn companies.

Despite being only a few years old, Uber Eats has expanded internationally, with locations in over 200 cities in six continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Africa, according to its website.

..,The BBB gives Uber Technologies, which includes its rideshare services and Uber Eats, an F rating with 3,855 complaints against them as of Tuesday; of those, 3,584 were unanswered and 2,124 fell under the category of “problems with a product or service.”


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