DoorDash launching in Tupelo, but it’s news to several restaurants

TUPELO • Clay Coleman, the owner of Clay’s House of Pig, or C.H.O.P., is all about keeping business local.

His popular restaurant has a growing legion of fans, and to help accommodate them, he partnered with Tupelo2Go, a locally owned delivery service, to satiate their appetites.

So he was surprised – and a little peeved – to learn that a new delivery service set to start service today has his restaurant listed as a “partner.”

…Several other restaurants contacted by the Daily Journal said they’ve had no dealings with DoorDash either.

Bishop’s BBQ, Lost Pizza and Neon Pig, for example, said they were unaware they were listed as partners.

“We haven’t partnered with anybody,” said Jeffrey Worthey, area manager for Bishop’s, which, like C.H.O.P., works only with Tupelo2Go.

…Last November in Huntsville, Alabama, several restaurants said they were listed with DoorDash without their knowledge.

According to WAFF48 television, DoorDash did not contact restaurants to either sign a contract or even let them know they were on the website.

Fire and Spice Tex-Mex Smokehouse co-owner LeAndra Poux said, “When we found out we were on DoorDash we were shocked. We did not give up the rights of our menu, our menu was incorrect, the prices were incorrect, but the logo was on there and it looks like it was us.”


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