Here’s how Grubhub’s CTO helps a distributed dev team run smoothly

Grubhub CTO Maria Belousova sits inside a meeting room called “Philly Special” just minutes after snipping the ribbon on her company’s new Center City offices, home to 100 local employees of the Chicago-based food delivery staple.

…The playbook for setting up a Philly office bearing the Grubhub banner, a Philly special of its own, started in 2017, when Grubhub scooped up a couple dozen staffers from shuttered B2B delivery startup Zoomer. Although there was no strategy at first to create a local office, the talent proved a valuable lure for the organization.

“Our strategy is going where the best talent is,” said Belousova, a former lead software engineer at Microsoft who went on to lead a dev team at online retailer Bluefly prior to joining Grubhub. “It’s very clear that Philadelphia is one of the areas where talent is outstanding.”


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