DoorDash Has Pulled Ahead of GrubHub, Uber Eats in the On-Demand Food Delivery Race

DoorDash is now the top on-demand food delivery service after knocking off legacy leader GrubHub in consumer spending market share, according to data released on Monday by third-party research firm Edison Trends.

When it comes to dollars spent, DoorDash owns 27.6 percent of the market followed by GrubHub, which has steadily lost ground and accounts for 26.7 percent, reports Edison Trends. Uber Eats, which has flat lined over the last 11 months, takes the third spot claiming 25.2 percent of the market.

…Though DoorDash is top when it comes to consumer spending, it trails Uber Eats in total number of transactions. This means that if Uber Eats is able to increase how much people buy per order, the service could quickly challenge, if not surpass, DoorDash in consumer spending.


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