CHOMP looks to expand services, collaborate with local retailers

By partnering with 20 local restaurants and receiving outstanding support from the community, he said, Sewell was able to grow his idea into a company that partnered with more than 125 area restaurants and averaged 350 deliveries a day in under a year.

“I turned a for-profit model into a public utility,” Sewell said, highlighting the importance of local relationships in the community.

…Now, Sewell wants to take his business another step. With the basic business-to-consumer delivery model in place at CHOMP, he feels he can expand to the retail sector. He focused on three areas that the company hopes to test: grocery-store delivery for such local establishments as John’s and New Pioneer Co-Op, business-to-business delivery for such items as office supplies, and an on-call resident delivery service for the new Rise apartment building.


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