Chomp, an Iowa City-based food delivery service, is slated to launch next week

There’s going to be a new option in Iowa City for hungry people who don’t want to get off the couch: Chomp. It’s a locally-owned delivery service similar to OrderUp or GrubHub, “owned and operated by 20 of the busiest delivery restaurants in the Iowa City region,” according to a post on D.P. Dough’s Facebook page.

Jon Sewell, the owner of D.P. Dough, organized Chomp. He told Little Village the idea for a new service came after GrubHub purchased OrderUp in August, then shut down OrderUp’s Iowa City office and announced a price hike for restaurants participating in its app-based food ordering and delivery service.

…But GrubHub’s announced price hike — charging 15 percent for online orders made through its app, and 25 percent for orders delivered by GrubHub drivers — made many Iowa City restaurants question whether it was worth using the service, according to Sewell.

…Chomp’s rates will be the same as those OrderUp charged before being acquired by GrubHub — 7.5 percent on orders made through its app, and 15 percent for orders that are delivered by Chomp drivers.


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