Jimmy John’s anti-Uber Eats campaign reveals a looming problem for restaurants

Jimmy John’s ($JIMMYJOHNS), the classic sub-sandwich chain, is rebelling against the new power players of delivery — Uber Eats ($UBER) and GrubHub ($NYSE:GRUB) — with a social media campaign that calls into question the reliability of these services.

In the last ten years, the entire food service industry has been transformed by the advent and proliferation of delivery app services. For some, this has added delivery service to what was previously an exclusively in-house dining experience. But for others, for whom delivery is an integral part of their business, this new paradigm has been disruptive.

Jimmy John’s is one of the latter, and its defiant new marketing campaign attacks the unreliability of third-party delivery mishaps. It’s all detailed in a series of increasingly comical tweets from customers about late or botched deliveries.


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