Walmart ends delivery partnership with Deliv

Walmart  in 2016 said it would begin testing last-mile delivery using services like Uber, Lyft, and Deliv to bring customers’ orders, including groceries and Sam’s Club orders, to their homes. Last year, Walmart ended its grocery delivery deal with Uber following a similar wind-down with Lyft, and today it’s ending the deal with Deliv as well, according to a report from Reuters.

Deliv  had started working with Walmart in pilot markets, including Miami and San Jose, as one of the few services Walmart was testing for last-mile deliveries at the time. The retailer has since significantly expanded its delivery operations through an array of partners to markets across the U.S., in relatively short order.

…According to Reuters, Deliv drivers were frequently having to wait up to 40 minutes for grocery orders when they arrived at the store for pickup, as Walmart was unable to process the online orders fast enough, the report claimed. The report also said delivery volume was low in some Walmart delivery markets, and orders had to travel long distances, which caused both Walmart and Deliv to lose money at times.


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