“Legal, But Unethical” — RI Restaurants Speak Out on Unauthorized Food Delivery Services

Rhode Island restaurant owners are criticizing food delivery services that they have not partnered with — but are posting their menus and delivering their food. 

“It might be legal, but it’s unethical. Why should some random website make money off my back, and the backs of small businesses — someone with a computer and access to my menu?” said Eric Handwerger, owner of Ocean State Sandwich in downtown Providence.

Handwerger spoke to partnering originally with OrderUp, before they were bought by GrubHub — and then discovering that sites including DoorDash and Postmates.com were posting, unbeknownst to him, what he said were often incorrect portions of his menu online — and his issue with having no control as to the experience the customer had ultimately with the deliveries with the latter companies.


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