DoorDash leaves local business with the bill

MEDFORD, Ore. — The meal delivery service application known as DoorDash has arrived in Medford, but with some flaws, and a local business has a dilemma with the service.

Spin-ach owner Dave Morris was approached by representatives of the app, but after ignoring their request to be part of their system, he still ended up listed on their website.

The day the app went live in Medford, Dave’s business was flocked with delivery drivers waiting for coffees, smoothies and fruit bowls, but when it was time to pay the check, the DoorDash card was not able to be processed for payment.
When he attempted to get in contact with the person from DoorDash that had first approached him to be part of the service, he was left with an unclear chain of command and was referred to another person that claimed to be part of the company. Morris has yet to have contact with the delivery service.


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