Bite Squad Brings Food Delivery and a New Economy to America’s Small Cities

Minneapolis is landing on more radars these days as a destination for all things food related. It has a food startup scene, food halls, and accelerator programs backed by major CPGs. And it’s got Bite Squad, a food delivery service that’s changing the economies of smaller U.S. cities at the same time it drops meals off at customers’ front doors.

The service works much like any other third-party food delivery operation. Users order and pay for food either online or via the Bite Squad app, with delivery fees based on the distance between customer and restaurant. Bite Squad functions a bit like Uber Eats in that users can see a detailed breakdown of where their order is in the preparation process: the five-step status checker lets a guess track their meals’ progress after placing an order, notifying them when an order is sent to the kitchen, when it’s being cooked and quality checked, and, finally, when it’s on the way.

Bite Squad may be based in Minneapolis, but it is in over 300 U.S. cities now, thanks to a recent expansion; they aim to be in 400-plus cities by the end of 2018. But unlike a lot of food-delivery services, Bite Squad focuses on Middle America’s big towns and small cities


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