Foodora’s fail ‘no surprise’ as entire future of the food delivery industry is now questioned

HEAD onto the Foodora Australia website today and it’s as bright and breezy as ever. The lurid pink hue jumps out and, at the top of the page, a message still pops up asking for people to join the “Foodora courier team”.

But no one’s going to be signing up to “courier” meals for Foodora anymore. The food delivery firm, whose riders scurry chicken tikkas, wagyu burgers and Hawaiian pizzas between restaurants and homes, announced yesterday it was shutting up shop in Australia forever by August 20.

The Australian offshoot of Germany’s Delivery Hero was surprisingly chirpy for a company that had failed to crack a major market.

… But Foodora’s fast food fail was no surprise to industry watchers. The food delivery model is already looking shaky and, in a vital area, Foodora was quite literally streets behind its cutthroat competitors — Uber Eats, Menulog and Deliveroo.

…The two giants of the Australian industry, Uber Eats and Menulog, have a 70 per cent share with Deliveroo and Foodora — the smallest of the four — battling out for the rest, estimates IBISWorld.

And there was a key reason Foodora was the runt of the litter — it offered far less choice to far fewer customers.

“Foodora had about 2500 restaurants whereas Menulog had about 10,000,” said Mr Ledovskikh.


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