Uber Eats is the fastest-growing meal delivery service – but it faces stiff competition ahead

Uber Eats is the fastest-growing meal delivery service in the US, bringing in nearly as much new spending as industry leader Grubhub, according to Second Measure data.

…Uber may seek to follow a similar strategy to GrubHub to further bridge this gap. GrubHub has used acquisitions to quickly build a network that expands across the US. Since 2011, the firm has acquired 11 companies, including Seamless, DiningIn, and Eat24.

This helped it become a staple of the food delivery industry — 12% of US consumers have spent money with Grubhub. Acquisitions have not been a part of Uber Eats’ strategy; it’s only acquired one company since launching in 2014. However, it’s worth noting that this acquisition took place in January, which could be a sign of Uber adjusting its growth strategy, and perhaps bringing it more in-line with Grubhub’s approach.


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