Uber tests a $25 Pass that covers Eats and transportation

Uber is testing a subscription option that offers all-inclusive or discounted access to all its services. It’s trialing a few variants of the plan in Chicago and San Francisco. All of them include trips on Jump e-bikes and scooters at no extra cost, free Uber Eats deliveries and a fixed discount on Uber rides for $24.99/month. In other locales, Uber is testing cheaper passes that include free Uber Eats deliveries above a certain order threshold as well as discounted rides.

The test seems to be an expansion of the Ride Pass. Subscribers get discounted rates on rides for a monthly fee. It costs $14.99 in some cities, and $24.99 in those where e-bikes and scooters are available — currently, you can ride on those for up to 30 minutes for free with the pass. The latest test brings Uber Eats into the fold.


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