DoorDash leverages data in the cloud as it ushers in new era for food delivery

To determine whether a food delivery business has value, look at the data it collects. And DoorDash Inc. has data.

Order behavior by customers of the food delivery service, which now serves diners in 4,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada from over 340,000 merchants, gives it a pretty good idea of what diners like and don’t like. Customer ratings of food and restaurants allow it to track business popularity in real time.

This kind of information might have value to DoorDash, but it holds even more promise for the merchants that are a part of its service. This is the double-barreled impact that the six-year-old startup is beginning to demonstrate in a fiercely competitive field.

The ability to match real-time transactional data with specific, localized buying patterns right down to a particular neighborhood offers DoorDash the opportunity to help merchants build promotional campaigns they could previously have only dreamed about.

“Look at other local companies out there like Yelp and Google Maps,” said Andy Fang(pictured), co-founder and chief technology officer of DoorDash. “They don’t actually have verified transaction information, whereas we do. It’s really powerful for merchants to actually have that to make decisions.”


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