Uber eats expects to deliver $10 billion worth of food this year

Uber was created 10 years ago to make ridesharing and cab hailing a breeze for people in major cities. Now you can catch a lift practically anywhere and even have a driver (or drone) deliver you something to eat from a five-star restaurant – or McDonald’s and Starbucks. Food delivery may have been an afterthought at the time of the transit company’s conception, but now Uber Eats is one of the most successful services in the business.

The San Francisco-based company now projects it will deliver $10 billion worth of food around the world this year, which is over $6 billion more than last year. Uber Eats – which debuted in Toronto in 2015 – ranks second to market leader Grubhub (the same company as Seamless) and above PostmatesDoorDash and Caviar, according to Forbes.


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