How Deliveroo can win

Delivery service Deliveroo has the stomach for a fight. It is muscling up for expansion and to outpace competitors by creating the role of CMO. Ines Ures, former CMO at online beauty booking platform Treatwell, now has the remit to keep the brand relevant and scale up. Although global appetite for Deliveroo doesn’t appear to be waning, a host of external factors mean that it needs to be prepared to meet expectations as people’s relationship with technology and food delivery brands rapidly evolves.

Fundamentally, having a takeaway delivered to your door is not a new idea so there is nothing radical in Deliveroo’s core concept, at least as far as consumers are concerned (it is creating new behaviours among restaurants that didn’t do deliveries before, with the rise of so-called “dark kitchens”). In fact, there is something quite archaic about a business model that relies on a group of people riding about town on bikes. Yet despite this, the brand has grown into a multi-million pound operation.


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