Restaurant delivery service plans to swap out fleet with Tesla Model 3s

MINNEAPOLIS (TNS) — Bite Squad wants to go electric.

The Minneapolis-based restaurant delivery service, which now operates in 30 markets around the country after a flurry of acquisitions last year, is taking the first steps to swap out its current fleet of hybrid vehicles to Tesla Model 3s. It plans to test out a handful of the battery-powered cars on the road in its home base of Minneapolis this fall.

If the cars perform as hoped, executives plan to begin transitioning the rest of the fleet of several hundred Toyota Priuses to Teslas over time. The delivery service also relies on drivers to use their own personal vehicles. Company-owned vehicles account for about 10 percent of the fleet.

“We think it could be a big game changer for us both in terms of cost and liability and safety,” said Craig Key, the company’s vice president of marketing.


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