UberEats has both Charleston fans and detractors three months after launch

At North Central Deli, Paul Cheney will be delivering sandwiches and black-and-white cookies on a newly purchased Mexican cargo bike, even though he thinks UberEats is a great concept in theory.  “It has the potential, it could be better in the future, but right now it’s clunky,” he says.  North Central Deli is a tiny sandwich shop on […]

Australia’s shocking food delivery bill revealed by new research

…New research from comparison site finder.com.au has found Australians are spending an incredible $2.6 billion each year on food and drink deliverythrough companies such as Menulog, UberEats, Deliveroo and Foodora. The survey found around one-third of adults living in capital cities are food delivery users, with online food delivery services now worth 12 per cent of […]

Managing Third Party Order Apps: Order Out Of Chaos

Just about every restaurant is using Third Party Order Apps such as GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash to attract new customers, increase orders and boost their bottom lines.  However these apps can be difficult to manage and have the potential to create costly sales tax liabilities for the business if not managed correctly. This can result in fines […]

Stop Using Seamless

…Regardless of your opinions on capitalism, you might be surprised to learn that services like Seamless aren’t just ripping you off—they’re ripping off the entire food industry. Believe it or not, Seamless has been doing this for nearly two decades. Founded in 1999 as an enterprise business for catering, the company survived the dot-com crash […]

How Delivery Apps May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business

… In 2016, delivery transactions made up about seven per cent of total U.S. restaurant sales. In a research report published last June, analysts at Morgan Stanley predicted that that number could eventually reach forty per cent of all restaurant sales, and an even higher percentage in urban areas and among casual restaurants, where delivery […]

Cafe bans UberEATS, calling food delivery platform ‘incredibly exploitative’

A SYDNEY cafe has said it will refuse any more orders through UberEATS, claiming the organisation is “incredibly exploitative” and makes it virtually impossible to turn a profit. UberEATS, along with rivals Foodora, Deliveroo and Menulog, are part of the growing industry of on-demand food delivery, where customers order from restaurants and cafes through apps […]

These anti-Seamless ads are taking over the New York City subways. Who’s behind them?

It started on our Tuesday morning commute. Scene: the New York City subway headed toward Manhattan from Brooklyn. It’s an ideal playground for tech-startup advertisers looking to broadcast their message to captive commuters who, in the midst of an ongoing transit crisis, are spending more time on the trains than ever. Nestled alongside banners promoting […]

Big Companies Want to Eat GrubHub’s Lunch

Several of the reasons Barclays downgraded online food delivery company GrubHub Tuesday—a move that contributed to a more-than 3% decline—had to do with valuation and near-term performance, but there was a big-picture question, too: Competition from the likes of Amazon.com and privately held Uber. The downgrade, Barclays wrote, “doesn’t call for meaningful downside to the share price,” […]

Uber Eats— “…A Necessary Evil” ?

Is the food delivery service market lopsided? Apparently, it is. Or, at least, in Miami, where Uber Eats launched its delivery services in the summer of 2016. “From some restaurants, [Uber Eats] takes a 33 percent cut,” reports “Miami New Times.” “And though other delivery services, such as Postmates, Amazon, and GrubHub, take a smaller percentage, many restaurant owners […]

Amazon effect steamrolling the restaurant industry

Retailers are in the throes of adapting to a shopping environment completely revolutionized by e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), but restaurants are now facing the same challenge thanks to what has become known as the “Amazon effect.” Delivery apps, including Amazon Restaurants, Uber Eats and Grubhub (NYSE:GRUB) are transforming the dining experience for consumers, and participation […]