A look into the growing food delivery industry: Part 3, Grubhub

SALT LAKE CITY — The popularity of food delivery services continues to grow, with86% of consumers reporting the use of off-premise services at least once a month according to Melissa Wilson, principal with Technomic, as reported in Restaurant Business Online. Their popularity isn’t just with customers. Food delivery jobs are part of what has been called the […]

Uber Eats team opens up about the future of the service in Canada

…“Delivery in general is really underpenetrated in Canada, relative to other countries globally,” said Pang, Uber Eats Canada’s head of restaurant operations, in an interview. “As big as we think Uber Eats is today, there is still a lot of room to grow.” The data appears to support her outlook. According to Ipsos Foodservice Monitor […]

Just Do It, Young Operators Insist on Best Practices Panel

Only 15 to 18 percent of restaurants today offer delivery, declared Alex Canter at the Food On Demand Conference, “which is a huge mismatch compared to 80 percent who are getting delivery. So if you’re not listed on any one of these platforms you don’t exist.” Canter encourages other restaurant owners to just do it, […]

GrubHub Shares Slip as Uber Eats Presents a Major Challenge

…Uber Eat’s take rates — or the fee charged to restaurants — fell last year, and San Francisco-based Uber warned rates may continue to be pressured. Even though GrubHub’s rates have increased every year since the Chicago-based company went public, those pressures may hit GrubHub too, Thill cautioned. Still its not all bad news. With […]

Uber’s Worrisome IPO Filing: 8 Key Takeaways

1. The Uber Eats Service Is Driving a Lot of Uber’s Bookings Growth In Q4, Uber’s ride-sharing bookings rose 25% annually to $11.48 billion, while its Uber Eats bookings rose 129% to $2.56 billion. The company also got $129 million in bookings from “Other Bets,” which primarily consists of its Uber Freight service for shippers, […]

Uber sees its burgeoning food delivery service as a massive opportunity

Uber believes its Uber Eats app addresses a $795 billion market. So far, it believes it has only penetrated 1% of that market considering Gross Bookings for Uber Eats have reached $7.9 billion in 2018. The company says it views Uber Eats as being the largest meal delivery platform in the world outside of China. […]

7 Things Uber’s IPO Filing Reveals About Uber Eats

UBER EATS IS A WORKHORSE FOR ITS PARENT COMPANY. THE ADDRESSABLE MARKET FOR RESTAURANT DELIVERY IS MASSIVE AND UBER EATS IS ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE.   Uber Eats estimates global consumer spending on off-premise orders via restaurants is currently at $795 billion, with diners shelling out 20 percent of that figure on home delivery. The third-party […]

GrubHub CEO as Ambitious as the Day He Started

Wearing the now ill-fitting pinstripe suit he wore when his company went public five years ago, GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney said remembering where he started helps him continue to change the way restaurants feed their customers ー and let people eat what they want, when they want, with less hassle. …The company faces competition from […]

GrabFood eyes analytics, business intelligence for partners as it vies for superapp status

We project food delivery in Southeast Asia to grow over six times, into a US$13b market by 2022. According to a Nielsen report, ASEAN’s middle-class population is set to grow to 400 million individuals by 2030 – roughly the same size as China’s. Many of this new generation of young middle-class consumers are tech-savvy, having […]

Just Eat pulls its SkipTheKitchen delivery company out of the U.S.

Winnipeg-based food delivery company SkipTheDishes announced it will leave the U.S. market after three years in operation domestically. According to the Buffalo News, more than 200 area restaurants used the service.  In an email to several Buffalo restaurant owners, the company said it will focus on building its business and brand in its home country of […]