As restaurants clash with popular delivery apps like Grubhub over fees, Google Maps is getting a new feature that makes it easier to order directly from local businesses

Google is launching a new feature that lets merchants specify their preferred ordering method when customers find a restaurant through Google Maps. The update comes as restaurants have struggled with processing fees from popular third-party delivery services like Grubhub as they rely heavily on takeout during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants will be able to specify […]

Grubhub is still charging some restaurants phone fees, even if you call directly

So you’re avoiding food delivery apps and supporting your struggling local restaurants by ordering from them directly. Good on you! Unfortunately, your phone order may still be putting money in Grubhub’s pocket. According to Buzzfeed News, customers might be unknowingly dialing phone numbers generated and advertised by Grubhub, which charge restaurants hefty fees. “If a customer […]

How To Remove Postmates Links In Google Local Knowledge Panel

One of the more annoying things I run into with the Google local panels is a link to order online that simply does not work. In fact, I see it so often that I do not trust the links Google shows in the local knowledge panel. Instead, I go directly to the business web site […]

Seamless Lists High-end Lark on Its App Without Permission

It seems like dubious delivery app practices are still at play. A week after Seamless made headlines for mixing up a Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant with a ghost kitchen, high-end Seattle restaurant Lark has run into problems with the same app. Lark’s general manager Kelly Ronan tells Eater Seattle that a couple of customers have recently ordered food through Seamless […]

Grubhub added a Colorado bakery to its platform without notice or permission

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — These days, we can get almost anything delivered: goods, groceries, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Desserts, too. The delivery service Grubhub asked Kristin Marin, the owner of Highlands Ranch dessert bakery Suga Me Sweet, to partner with the platform. Because her orders are for custom desserts and take days to fill — […]

Google’s food ordering business could deliver blow to Grubhub, UberEats

Sundar Pichai’s sudden hankering for a piece of the online food-ordering business has Wall Street predicting major indigestion for the industry. At first glance, the blue food-ordering tabs that have quietly popped up on Google’s search engine may seem like harmless competition for the growing array of apps that help people order food online. But […]

Google Adds Hungr to its Roster of Third-party Delivery Partners

Google continues to connect your search for food with the ability to get it quickly, as the company has now integrated third-party restaurant ordering and delivery service Hungr to Google Search, Maps and Assistant. Hungr announced the partnership today. With it, restaurants using Hungr’s ordering and fulfillment platform can now offer those services directly from a user’s Google search. […]

Olo, Google Partner for Seamless Ordering

The delivery world is rife with partnerships these days as the landscape continues to evolve. A new partnership between Olo and Google shows that the growing delivery industry is shaping how some of the world’s most impactful companies do business, while making it even more frictionless to order delivery meals. With the new partnership, digital […]

Google, Olo partnership gives restaurants control of consumer data

Digital orders through Google Search, Maps or Google Assistant come without hefty third-party fees Google has entered a partnership with digital ordering platform Olo that is expected to benefit restaurants looking to keep valuable consumer data while minimizing profit hurting third-party delivery fees. Under a partnership announced Tuesday, Olo’s network of more than 70,000 restaurants can […]

Google Extends Its Restaurant Industry Footprint With Olo Partnership

Olo today announced a partnership with Google that enables consumers to order their food from its restaurant brand partners via Google’s Search, Maps and Assistant properties. With this announcement, the digital food ordering platform is leveraging a relatively new feature from Google, initially announced in May.  Through this partnership, any customer searching for food at a […]